“Seldom will grace have moved so fast”

The Amber 40 is an interesting and enjoyable blend of periods, not a haphazard mish-mash but an attempt to get the traditions of one to work for the other so that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

We wanted to produce a dignified yacht that made sense to both head and heart. We were eager to capture the mood of the past without having to accept some of the penalties – performance, for example.

We also wanted to offer an accommodation arrangement that compared favourably with today’s cruising yachts, in which we believe the Amber 40 succeeds. The underwater configuration and displacement is moderate by modern standards, ideal for a blue water cruising yacht.

“One thing is guaranteed – the level of craftsmanship will be second to none”

-Yachting World – Nov 2005

For the hull lines we spoke with Rob Humphreys, having worked with him in the past on plugs and hull design. Rob was the obvious choice as he has a reputation second to none for delivering well-mannered hulls with a good turn of speed. The brief was to design a hull with good performance and reasonable draught that would track well and have a well-protected rudder that was light to steer. The result developed from years of race winning designs, and she has a family resemblance to his recent work on cruising hulls, and in his own words, “Seldom will grace have moved so fast”.

The current Amber has been designed with the requirements of all the family in mind, who all want space and privacy. No one wants to sleep in the saloon so we have suggested a six berth, two head layout with a light airy interior with the charm of birds eye maple combined with black walnut in an art-deco style. You may have other ideas based on your desires, circumstances and experience.

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